Leslie Jowett Astor has been making stuff for as long as she can remember. As a child, she treasured her Crayola Caddy above all other possessions, and aspired to live in a tree and make art when she grew up. In the interim, she curated numerous collections of rocks, cotton and soap, which she kept under her bed. In college she studied ceramic sculpture and graphic design, then spent several years working for a non-profit children's arts organization in New York. Since then, she’s had three sons, and spent countless hours sewing , embroidering , printmaking , soap making, weaving, and exploring any other crafty pursuit she could try her hand at. She can't get the hang of knitting, but makes accessories for people who can. You can find those in her Etsy shop Astor Knit, at www.astorknit.etsy.com

Her boys all know how to embroider and finger knit, even though they’d rather be playing football. They all live together in West Oxfordshire, on the family farm where her husband grew up.